Scope of Application

These terms of services apply to the website of Dezor SA ( These terms do not apply to any internet offers of third parties, to which we only refer by a link.


We make our internet offer available free of charge and without access restrictions. By simply using our website or contacting us, no contract is concluded with us. There is no entitlement to the uninterrupted availability of our online offer.


As a service provider in terms of the Teleservices act and according to general law, we are only responsible for our own content which we make accessible for use on our website.

Our responsibility for information of third parties is limited in accordance with legal requirements. If third-party information on our website gives cause for legal objections, please contact us immediately. Our email address stated in our legal notice may be used for this purpose.

There is a clear distinction between our own information on our website, and cross-references (links) to the information provided by third parties. In terms of liability, the third-party service provider is solely liable for any information that are published by the third-party service provider. Information in such online offerings can be changed at any time without our knowledge. Therefore, if we should refer to web pages whose content gives cause for legal objections, please inform us immediately. Also in this case, our email address stated in our legal notice may be used for such notifications.

Validity of terms of services

In the event that a contract is concluded between you and us in connection with the use of our website, we additionally agree that our applicable general terms of services (ToS, available at automatically becomes the subject of the contract.

Online settlement of consumer disputes; OS platform

The European Commission has to provide a European platform for online dispute resolution ("OS platform"). The OS platform is accessible online via the URL

Our email address that you can use to contact us is

Dispute settlement proceedings before consumer arbitration boards

We would like to point out that we are neither willing nor obliged to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board within the meaning of the Consumer Dispute Settlement Act.

Copyright and usage rights

Our website is legally protected both as a whole and in parts. In particular, the content and files on our website are globally protected by any applicable national copyright law and international agreements. The same applies to the selection and arrangement of information, texts, tables, graphics, images and video sequences.

Any use, in particular the duplication, processing, distribution and / or making publicly protected content available - unless permitted by law - requires the prior consent of the rights holder. In particular, we do not agree that a web page or file belonging to our website is integrated in a window (frame) by means of a link or e.g. by means of inline links, so that the impression is created that the website or file of our website is part of another website.